Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Installing Aftermarket Spark Plug Wires

Installing Spark Plug Wires with a larger core can give you a smoother running engine, better throttle response, and a more complete fuel burn. Plus, they just look good!

 Don't get me wrong, this isn't a hard-core power-adder, but after trading my Zetec's OEM Plug wires for a beefier set of wires from FocusSport, it really did smooth out my idle.  It also gave me a mild boost in fuel economy.  None of this was enough to write home about.  Bang-for-the buck, there are other options that may be more "powerful" (Drop in replacement filter from K&N Comes to mind), but overall, this is an easy hack to perform on both Zetec and SPI engines alike.  Tools Needed: Hands  Time Required: 10 Minutes.  Procedure:  Pop the hood and prop it open.  un-bundle your new spark-plug-wires.  Starting with the longest plug wire, one by one, remove them from the top of your engine, leaving them attached on the coil pack.  Remove the longest spark plug wire from the coil pack  Use Dielectric Grease (if it shipped with your wires) on the insides of both ends of the spark plug wire you're getting ready to install (it should be the same length as the one you disconnected give or take one inch or so.  If you need to re-use the plastic retainer clips, move them from the old wire to the new wire as you place the new spark plug wire back on the coil pack.  Do not hook the other end up to the engine yet.  Do the same for the rest of the plug wires, from the longest one to  the shortest.  Remember to use the dielectric grease on all connections if you spark plug wires shipped with some.  After the coil pack has all four new wires on it, install the four engine  side connectors from the shortest plug wire to the longest.  Make sure the connectors snap onto the spark plug firmly.  Drop the hood and fire the engine up!  You just installed new plug wires!    

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