Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Adding Variable Intermittent Wiper Functionality

Simply put: Intermittent Wipers ROCK! And my trusty ZX3 did not come with this feature. For the price of a replacement wiper switch, do it yourself!

 Tools Needed: Flat-Blade Screwdriver 10mm Socket with Ratchet or 10mm/Adjustable Wrench Parts Needed: My ZX3 needs the rear wiper switch.  I think wagons need the same one. If this is so, you need to buy part number YS4Z-17A553-DA. All the sedans I've seen do not have rear wipers.  If you don't have a rear wiper, I think you need part number YS4Z-17A553-BA, but check with  the ford parts counter and they can verify which part you need.  Usually  these multi-function switches cost less than $40.  Procedure: 1) Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery Terminal (10mm     socket).  2) Use the flat-blade screwdriver to pry the top half of the steering     column cover open.  There should be a few plastic tabs.  You won't need     to undo any screws to get the top part open.  My steering column didn't     want to come all the way off but you don't need to completely remove it.  3) On the back of the wiper switch assembly there is a plastic lock tab     you must press to remove it.  Once you have the switch part-way out     you'll see an electrical connector. Use your fingers or a screwdriver     to press the tab and pull the connector off.  4) The switch should just come right out.  5) Connect the wire harness to the new wiper switch, and place the switch     back into position.  Press down firmly and it should lock into place.  6) Snap the cover back on the steering column, reconnect your battery, and     enjoy!  

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