Monday, December 24, 2007

Identifying your engine

Some Focus owners are having trouble identifying their engines. When troubleshooting problems and shopping for aftermarket parts, you must know what engine you have under the hood. Here are some ways to tell which engine you have.

Time Required:
5 minutes or less

Tools Needed:

  • Hands
  • Eyes


     First, open the hood and prop it open.  Take a look at your engine bay.  2.0L Zetec-E (Commonly referred to as "Zetec" in the Focus world)  * Valve cover is usually black, and bearing "Ford" and "16v Zetec" logos on it * Valve cover has 4 spark plug boots running down the middle, with two raised areas in front of and behind the spark plug boots * Oil cap is in the front drivers side corner of the valve cover * Found in many 2000-2004 Focus trim levels * Not available in the Focus LX. * Not available in 2005 and newer Focus  2.0L Split Port (Commonly referred to as "SPI")  (Photo courtest MUTTLEE on the Focaljet forums) * Valve cover usually unpolished aluminum, silver in color, with "2.0L Split Port" cast into it * Valve cover has 3 bolts in the top middle, holding it down * Spark plug boots are on the front of the engine, above the exhaust manifold * Oil cap is in the top center of the valve cover * Front of valve cover has 4 "humps" that stick out, with indentations where the spark plugs go * Found in all Focus LX's from 2000-2004 * Found in certain Focus SE's from 2000-2004 * Found in all 5-speed Focus Wagons for the 2000 model year  2.0L SVT Zetec (Commonly referred to as "SVT Engine")  * Valve cover is aluminum, with a silver color to it. * Spark plug wires and coil-pack are covered with a black plastic shroud, with an SVT badge over the spark plug wires * Oil cap is in the front drivers side corner of the valve cover * Found only in 2002-2004 Focus SVTs  2.3L Duratec PZEV (Commonly referred to as "PZEV Engine", "2.3 Duratec")  (Photo courtesy PZEVInside on the Focaljet forums) * Intake runner is on the front of the engine, and is black in color * Contains a very elaborate air intake and air filter system * Coil packs are mounted on top of the (barely visible) valve cover * Engine bay, in stock form, looks somewhat cluttered with cables and hoses for emissions purposes.  Pictures Coming soon: 2.3L Duratec High Output (Commonly referred to as "Focus ST Engine", 2.3 Duratec) * Mechanically, almost identical to the 2.3L Duratec PZEV, without the strict emissions controls * Found only in the 2005 Focus ST (for now)  2.0L Duratec (Commonly referred to as "2.0 Duratec") * Found in almost all 2005 Focus models, the only exception being the Focus ST. * Other info pending  
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